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Thank you for your purchase of the Axial 1.9 Wraith chassis rail system.

Tools needed:

2mm driver

1.5mm driver

5.5mm wrench

1/8 inch drill bit


Hacksaw, rotary tool etc. for cutting


The first step is disassembly of your wraith.


That’s it for disassembly

At this point you are either going to modify the existing transmission skid or replace it with a different skid. You can use a stock scx10/scx10ii skid or an aftermarket skid intended for scx10/ scx10ii. If you choose to modify the stock 1.9 Wraith skid fallow the instructions below:

You will need to cut 1/8 inch off both sides of the stock side to make room for the new chassis rails. This can be done with a rotary tool, hack saw etc.

Next you are going to place the new chassis rails by fallowing the instructions below:


Now you are going have to work out your upper link placements. We have made the rails with a lot of options for this to insure you find link geometry that fits your needs. It would be recommended to remove the upper links from the axles when you are placing them on the chassis. Some of the link locations may not be assessable due to the clearance space needed for the motor etc.

One issue you might run into is the esc mounting plate being in the way please reviews the image below.


Now that you have you upper links in let’s put it all back together.

 While replacing the screws through the skid you will find that you have to push a little toward the rear. This is not a defect the rails were design to add rigidity to the rear of the cage. It is easiest to place the rails first and lock them in place with screws before adding the skid back.


Next you are going to need to mark and drill some small holes in the front portion of the cage.


Next you are going to put the shocks back on. You will use the four  nylon spacers provided with your kit.

After putting the spacers on the lower mounting location on the shock reattach them to the axles. The spacers are there to prevent the chassis rail from interfering with the movement of the shocks.


Adding a bumper mount

If you would like to add a bumper mount to the front of your 1.9 wraith please fallow the these instructions


Use the spacers provided in your kit

That’s about it you now have a class 2 legal 1.9 Wraith.
Any question or comments please feel free to emails us at:

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